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17th-Jul-2008 10:41 am - Whoops...
Oh, mice, I really am crap at this :( I've spent three weeks trying to find the time to update, but I've started maintaining another community (about the Romanian football team, of all things) and CIM seems to have taken up permanent residence in the "sometime next week" category. Accordingly, it's going on indefinite sabbatical. If someone else takes over it might be reinstated, but, I mean, babb_chronicles is doing fine at the moment so it's not really needed anyway.

Thanks for reading the last 60-odd posts, and see you at Babb. <3

24th-Jun-2008 06:09 pm - Chapter 64: A Rump In The Hay

Today’s slew of drivel features dreadful Weasley abuse and complete failure on the Britpicking front (more than usual, I mean). Also, ludicrously implausible plots and people with more than one arse.


Oh, and the worst alias ever: a Famous Rock Star called “Joe Sanoj”. Yes, dear, we can guess who that is.

Best New Word: Indubitably, “quidditchy”.

17th-Jun-2008 04:08 pm - Chapter 63: Up And Atom!
St. Mango&#39;s

A lot of disturbing sexual content this week: Draco thrashing Hermione’s moth, Ron and Harry eloping with Molly, and Lily fathering James’s children. If you can get past that lot, however, this chapter’s a corker. (Although, wtf is it with that tree thing?)


Best Worst New Word: “Granville”. Sorry, but this is not an appropriate name for a Dark Lord. It sounds more like an old folks’ home.

10th-Jun-2008 10:57 am - Chapter 62: The Oder Of The Phoenix

Crap Crossover Day strikes again! If anyone knows why someone thought Dean Thomas would make a good gangsta, feel free to let me know. Similarly, why Jareth from Labyrinth would make a good substitute for Ginny. At least there are pirates, though. Everything’s better with pirates.


Best New Word: “Blaisebrought”. Guess that’s near Middlesbrough.

3rd-Jun-2008 01:24 am - Chapter 61: The Minster of Magic

Hiya, kids. Today I have some funny fics for you! :D Which is good, because we also have THE WORST FIC EVER AAARGH AAARGH MAKE IT GO AWAY.


Urrgh. *Shakes self* Phew. I think I have shaken off its vile hold on me for the moment. Let me get the crevice tool for the vacuum cleaner so I can do all those crinkly bits in my brain.


Best New Word: has just got to be “arus”. Arse or anus? Bets, please.

27th-May-2008 02:02 am - Best Of Chapters 41-60, Part 2
And a second dose of the shitty and the witty, thought I can’t say it’s any better than the first. Give yourselves a good pat on the back for putting up with this stuff – go on, you deserve it.

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27th-May-2008 01:52 am - Best Of Chapters 41-60, Part 1
Tremble in your boots, Suethors: all your worst crimes are about to be exposed to the world. Again.

Pleasingly, we have a lot more pictures and poems than last time. :D

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Sherbet lemons

Time for further speculation on the mystery of author profiles. Why do Suethors fill them with crap? Why do they not check any of the spelling therein? Why do they include quotes from “Ceciro”, whoever he is, and awful poems about abortion? I cannot answer any of these questions. I can only provide you with silly quotes to laugh at.


Best New Word: Unquestionably, “confusement”.

13th-May-2008 08:55 am - Chapter 59: Pig Snot

Today’s object lesson is that dyslexic authors should make sure to get a competent proofreader, and the consequences of blithely ignoring said lesson make up this chapter’s main source of mirth. Each sentence goes on forever without making sense at any point. As my mother pointed out upon reading this, Gary Stu stands for Garrulous and Stupid.


Best New Word: Hmm, tough one. I’ll go with “frim”. Is that like being frum? Is Snape Jewish?

6th-May-2008 12:42 am - Chapter 58: Prefects Breasts

Ah, crossovers. They exist only to cause me pain, especially when the person/creature/thing writing them doesn’t realise that a paragraph should generally terminate in a punctuation mark. Incidentally, does anyone know the Latin for “stop using online translators”?


NB: now that Babb_Chronicles is once again ticking along nicely, I’m thinking of updating here once a week instead of twice – for the next two weeks, at any rate, cos that’ll give me time to do the Best Of. Thoughts?


Best New Word: To “laug” is to vomit in horror upon reading a particularly verminous piece of badfic.

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