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Covered In Mice

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Bad or silly Harry Potter fanfiction
“Harry, yours is OK except for this bit at the end, I think you must have misheard Professor Sinistra, Europa’s covered in ice, not mice – Harry?”

Welcome to Covered In Mice, a Potter-centric haven for all those who delight in the incongruencies that result when a writer is only partially competent in English, and frequently in Latin, French and Japanese to boot.

This journal is a blatant rip-off of touching homage to babb_chronicles, which itself derived inspiration from mctabby’s Summary Executions. Though it is an exacting task, to say the least, I shall endeavour to maintain the standards set by our two favourite masochists.

I will aim to collect:

• Poor SPAG
• Poor formatting
• Inappropriate linguistic registers, such as chatspeak and netspeak
• Babelfished gobbledygook
• Awful characterisation
• Canon errors
• Factual inaccuracies
• Mary Sues
• Incongruous (and usually anachronistic) references to contemporary pop music and culture
• Bad crossovers
• Character-bashing
• Purple prose
• The “prep/goth” war
• Shipping propaganda
• Attempted humour that is not, in fact, funny
• The occasional troll (most trollfic will be excluded, however, since unintentional badness is always funnier)
• Unpleasant sex scenes
• Staggeringly bad handling of highly sensitive topics, e.g. sexual assault and bereavement
• Breathtaking authorial arrogance
• Miscellaneous baffling rubbish.

Unfortunately, this will not be difficult, but if you have a fic you wish to reveal/revile, please leave a link in the comments. However, don’t link to a fic on someone’s journal; it would be against the TOS for me to post it.

I am sure that regular visitors to this type of journal will know that it is the comments that provide the real fun, so if you are a witty and sadistic individual, feel free to offer your opinion on the literary ordure.

The only “rules” for readers, such as they are, are these:

1. Don’t stir up trouble in the comments;
2. Don’t tell the badfic authors that this site (or others like it) exists;
3. Do not go and flame these stories. It is OK to leave concrit reviews (constructive criticism), even if that only consists of “I was disgusted by your homophobic attitude and you cannot punctuate”.

Also, readers are warned that there will be spoilers for all seven books in the quotes and comments; and that some of the quotes are very rude and this journal is not suitable for children.

Enjoy! (Or cringe. Probably cringe.)

mctabby (you can reach the Summary Executions from here)
Mary Sue Dolls

(Note: I don’t really keep up with Pottersues or Deleterius, so there may be inadvertent Sueplication.)
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