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Interlude: Best Of The First Twenty Chapters, Part Two

And here’s the second part of the Best Of. To those readers who celebrate Christmas, consider this your Christmas present/horrible punishment for good/bad behaviour; the next chapter will be up on Le Day De Crimbo.

Still the best quote ever

* "Bring it!" Viktor replied poising his whips for battle

Amusing malapropisms

* Those stupid grits up there in the ministry haven’t even given me a proper trail.

* Back in the carriage at the font of the train, James had also finished telling the guys about the story of what had happened earlier.

* After a few hours it was over Harry, Ron, Ginny, and Hermione and a few other teachers were in the Forbidden Forrest looking for students. They saw someone buried under rocks, wigs, and lots of debris.

* When Snape motioned him to follow and he did they came to a wall and he taped his wand on four stones and the wall opened up.

ellie_nor: Bit of a bummer that - I hope Snape can use wandless magic in this story.

* She came in to a small pub, one night and sat at a table in the darkest part of the room. Quietly she scooped out Mudbloods from the others.

She noticed a man in a black clock, with dark brown hair green eyes looking at her from a cross the room.

* She found what she would wear. It was beautiful. A ball gown that was a midnight blue with silver designs sewn into it. It would be cut very low on her chest showing off her aple cleavage.

* Mr Malfoy I would appetite it if you didn’t call Ms Granger a mudblood”

And the number of the counting shall be three

* Ginny went to the Potion’s class later that day. She noticed something. Not very noticeable but she notice it.

* Raven and Sam both grabbed an arm of Candi’s when they saw the look on her face; it was a look of pure hatred. Harry was an expert on hatred, and that look in Candi’s eye was hatred.

* Harry was awoken by a dream that seemed so real, but yet he was still in his aunt's and uncle's house. Harry isn't sure whether or not it was all real, but when Mr. Weasley didn't come and get him for the World Cup. Harry finally realizes that it is real

* Harry couldn't believe it, he didn't want to believe it he would not be going to Hogwarts anymore but to a school called Larson in the United States, that was miles away!
"Wh-what? They can't do that, I mean that place is miles and miles away." said Ron.

"Yeah I know," said Harry "and it's all so we can be safe it's not like Voldemort won't travel all the way over there just to get to me and kill me."

"I think it's the best they can do, I mean everyone will be safer over there I mean it is miles and miles away." said Hermione.

Dreadful anticlimax

* “She (Pansy) has had a massive crush on Dray for years and found out that for the last 4 years I have spent the summers with him so she stabbed me, it’s no big deal I’ll get over it.” Hermione said before yawning.

* after a moment Kadma opened her eyes and put down her arm

"the tree's tell me that we are safe for the moment" she announced

"The Trees?" Harry, Viktor and Fleur asked

"Kadma did you just use green-speaking?"

"yes" she said before falling to her knees "and it's drained out my life force, i'll be fine Cedric"

* “None at all but him could lose his magic.” Henry replied

“Oh god no he’d hate that. Lets just hope he doesn’t” Hermione said

“Aren’t you upset about it?” Coup asked.

“Yes but I need to be ready for classes.

* "Or do you…" Ron said, ripping off Harry's "face" which was really a flash mask to reveal…


SIKE!!! That didn't really happen. Just needed some comic relif, ya know, and that just popped into my head randomly. Okay, let's try again..

* Everything was fine for the next few days although there had been a few attacks but nobody got hurt.

“Thank Merlin that no one was hurt.” Danielle sighed as they were picking up a small statue that fell over just as another attack happened. “Yeah. Lets hope Voldemort doesn’t do anything. I mean 21 attacks in one day this is crazy.” Harry said.

* (Harry, Fleur and Viktor fight Miranda, the evil spider woman:)
So far Viktor wasn't faring very well

Miranda had tied him up in super absorbant webbing which cause him to be wrapped in wet webs.

Fleur had been stucked to a tree like a cucoon, despretly trying to struggle free,

whilst miranda closed in on Harry.
After an hour of playing cards Harry and Miranda were in a tie between who would become Poker Champion of Candracar,

* Ron was lying in a pool of his blood,dead on the floor.


Sorry i know it's a cliffie. I'll update asap!

* A/N: Okay this one (chapter) is about when they get to Grimauled place and Harry went to the bathroom,

eir_de_scania: SQUEEEEEEE!!!! The most exciting part in all the seven books! SQUEEEE!!11!!

* Draco Malfoy looked at Hermione runing off. He felt bad, and understood why it hurt to be called a mudblood. He didn't actually care enough to fallow after her so he walked of towards the Ice Cream Parlor.

Yoo-hoo, cloudlessnights

* Suddenley she was released and able to sim backup, gasping for breath.

An irrelevant sentence in a different language does not constitute a spell

* "Hermione? What is the basic transfiguration charm to turn a black bat into a white bat?"
"Easy." Hermione smiled. She had studied this the night before. "La morte e la luce del regno animale si sbiad."

* Hermiony and Ginny jabbed the air, then started to read this spell off the page: “Soms denken wij dat wij iemand kennen, slechts te ontdekken om zij een totale verschillende persoon zijn. En hoewel wij veel verliezen, zijn er sommige dingen die nooit uit ons kunnen worden genomen. De tijd en de afstand, zoals alle grenzen, vallen vóór het gezicht van Liefde.”

Worst titles

* The Truth Reviled

* Harry Potter and the Truth Relived

pica_scribit: First it was reviled, now it's relived. Strike two, Suethor! Think she'll hit it next time?

oddsbobs: Nope. I present to you:

* Harry Potter and the Truth Reveiled

pica_scribit: Wow. How many more before we have to wonder if it's intentional?

oddsbobs: It'll probably take the writer just as long to figure out she can't write as it is taking her to figure out the word she wants is 'Revealed'.

* Title needed open to sugestion

* Uncle Sevvie, Where Mommy And Daddy?

pica_scribit: Kill it, Severus. Kill it now.

* I Don't Wanted this Life

* Battles Of Mean Pranks To LoveHUH?

* My New Story

* Spawn of Moony

* Spawn of Snape

* Felicorpus Charm

pica_scribit: Just what everyone needs; a charm for feeling corpses.

* i don't know yet

* Third Generation of LoveOh Crap

pica_scribit: What a beautiful, evocative title.

* Daddies Little Prisoner

Best way of controlling a class ever


Everyone shut up quickly. "Miss Parkinson," Professer Trelawny said calmly. "Please report to the hospital wing.”

"Two times in one day?!?" Pansy said, eyes wide.

"On my way!" Pansy smiled, running out of the room in peril. "SHE'S A PSYCHO! A PSYCHOOOO!!!"

An Own Goal

* “Hermione could you release the balls,” asked Harry.

Shite Sorting songs

* ...When one night something went wrong
And Salazar Slytherin had fled
He had hurt many
Who had wounds that bled
Now we carry on every year
And sort you into these houses
Hoping that you shall know what’s right
And follow on the art of our enchantments

* ...Or perhaps in Slytherin
You'll make your real friends,
Those cunning folks use any means
To achieve their ends.

Now come on put and try me on

And I will put you where you

Ought to be.

* Welcome to Hogwarts,
A thousand years ago,
The Founders found a way,
To sort those who could come,
For Gryffindor prize those,
Whose courage did not fail?
And he did not care from where,
Or from whom they did hale.
Hufflepuff favored diligence,
And those who would work true.
She welcomed those who would share,
All that they knew,
Elegant Ravenclaw liked wit,
And those who where sharp of mind,
But she like all before her,
Took those of every kind.
Noble Slytherin chose cunning,
And those who were crafty and sly,
But this did not include those who,
Who were willing to lie?
So now you know for which,
They stand try me on,
And sort you I will do.
(Some of this is mine so I took and chopped up from other stories I read.)

Ooh-er missus

* After Harry had paid the correct Muggle money for Mr. Weasley( since he wasn’t sure about what is a pound and ponce),

* Severus decharmed his glaive and scooted closer to his love.

* 'Yer, well there are stiff one or two things I still don't know about you.

* Harry walked through the back door. He met several other Death Eaters on his way to the meeting room. They seemed to have come in through the front door. ‘I suppose Snape’s more of a back door person.’

* They spent the next day together on the train. Ginny was NOT Head Girl, but she was Vice Hogwarts Girl.

* Sirius, who seemed to be daydreaming, looked up the Remus.

* Authors Note: Sorry this chapter is so short I just wanted to get it up.

* Dear father,
I must say Hogwarts standards are horrible. But Draco seems to be the best I have personally started train him to become my right hand.

* Snape had a sub, which Harry found most amusing, never seeing him as a sub man.

* “We have to get out of her,” said Katrina to the teenagers,

* They stood in front of the boy staircase for a few minutes

pica_scribit: How did they know the staircase was a boy? Did it have a bannister?

* He saw Seamus Finnigan, Dean Thomas, and Neville Longbottom who he shared dormitory with, he wondered if they would still sleep together.

* His new wand was made out of a dementor’s bone.

* Sure Harry never mailed her as much as he promised to. She always thought he was busy dong something else.

* “Harry? Harry!” A voice was heard. Harry woke up to the sound. “What ‘Mione?” He asked in hope of a good answer. “You need to stop dreaming and start studding.” She snapped.
She felt a hand cover her mouth and as she was trying to escape she was apparated back to Voldemort Lair. Her hands were behind her and the hand over her mouth relised. “Can’t you just leave me alone?” She said. She cursed under her breath as Voldemort came.

* “Today is my happiest day in my life” he said again but in an other girl.

* “You and Draco are girlfriend - boyfriend, am I correct?” Ginny said with actions.

* Dick may not have used his wand in a long time, but he was magical enough to know who the three in his shop were.

* Luba leed Luna away with the girl supporting a exstatic look on her face

jessstretch: Okay, firstly, try saying that five times fast. Then, secondly, *sniggle* over the fact that the character is named Luba. *guttermind*

* (Fleur and Viktor have just arrived at Hogwarts for the Triwizard Tournament:)
"You gonna do a show for the students?"

"Yeah, your friends top?"

jessstretch: I'm fairly certain those kind of shows aren't allowed at Hogwarts, Fleur...

* "so are you going to enter Cedric?"

jessstretch: "I think so, but I may need Luba's help...."

Best wedding custom

* As she walked down the ale the chapel gasped at her beauty.
People began throwing sprinkles into the air as the couple ran through the ale.

Problems with afternoons vs. evenings

* He looked down at his watch and saw that it was 4 o'clock in the evening.

* "Yes, Harry please sit down." said Fudge "Well this afternoon at 6:45 p.m. some Death Eaters arrived at Privet Drive.

Poor old Ginny and her perverted sexual situations

* Ginny's fanasty about the twins is soon to come true...
When Fred was standing completely naked George looked up into his eyes before kissing the head of his hard cock. Ginny moaned as did Fred and she withered around to see them better.
George brought all of Fred into his mouth and Fred’s head fell back as another great moan escaped him; he buried his hands in George’s hair and pumped his hips thrusting into Georges open mouths.
Fred came back and pulled her so that her bottom was just on the edge of the bed, and he was standing on the floor. He posed at her entrance and Ginny bucked her hips encouragingly.

* Ginny sat alone idly playing with the ring around her neck; the hot chocolate that Dobby gave her had gone cold quite some time ago. She was doing what she always did, thinking about him.

* He traced his right hand over her stomach, down her hips, to her knee, then back up the inside of her thigh. Ginny shivered at his touch and smiled. He teased her with his finger on the outside of her panties. Ginny felt a shiver go through her whole body. She had never been so turned on before. She felt heat flood to her womanhood, and she felt her clit become erect.

Things that have no right to resemble Percy Weasley

* George looked at his father and then Harri and his twin and then Hermione. He felt the baby cry out. It felt like Percy.

* Down the corridor, they saw another weasel, an ORANGE weasel. A long one infact. One that looked like Percy. "Percy, how could you let this happen to yourself?" Ron asked the orange weasel.

Problems with bolts

* He was in a basket with a wreath of oak leaves on his head and an amulet with a lighting blot on it around his neck

ajat (at her own journal): Ooo I wants me a bottle of lightning to blot on things !

* He entered the Quidditch shop and bought a new Fireblot then he headed back over to Ollivander's and returned the cloak.

Miscellaneous amusing quotes (with optional amusing comments)

* “So, Ron, did you see the Quidditch Math? Chuddley Cannon wins again.” Ron said.

thelittlebudgie: Poor Ron. So lonely.

* Cedric moved a lily pod with his telekinesis while Viktor was changing his guardian clothes from purple to pink

* She put her fingers in his raven, smooth hair as his hands moved everyone onto her.

thelittlebudgie: This is, obviously, some esoteric wizarding rite.

lastyearswishes: ORGY TIME!

* "I don't care if I hurted him, because what he did hurted me more." Ginny mumbled, crying herself to sleep that night.

* "Now, magic is something like ninety percent focus, thirty percent power.

thelittlebudgie: I might not have been top of my class in math, but I'm pretty sure that doesn't make sense.

beardedtroll: Well, it is magic.

* Harry looked down at the dull black rings (which he is using instead of a wand), "So what fingers do I put them on?"

"I would advise either the index or middle on each hand," said Albus.

thelittlebudgie: Well, that should make school fun.
"So, class, today we are going to practice stunning spells. Pair off, good, now point your wand at-- Mr Potter, what are you doing? Twenty points from Gryffindor, and don't you dare do it again!"

* “Eek! Not potions, with the Slytherins. My supposed-to-be-good-day has just turned into a bad one.” Harry said disapprovingly.

* Danielle shot a grateful smile in James's expression, and went up to her dormitory.

thelittlebudgie: Luckily for the grateful smile, she only winged it, but it would be days before it felt safe enough to come out again.

* Louise moved up her attacker’s body with her eyes.

jessstretch: ”Ewww, get them off me!” her attacker cried…

* (DEs break into Hogwarts:)
Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr all students to the great hall Brrrrrrrrrrrrr intruder in sector 5.Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

* Harry opened his eyes in time to see Bellatrix fall to the floor a few feet from him. Neville looked proud but his eyes glistened with sympathy for Bellatrix as he looked down at her dead forum.

pica_scribit: Never would anyone post a lolcat there again.

* “Professor, can I?” Hermione asked.

“If you must, very well.” Professor Snape said not really-ing care.

* “Class,” McGonagall said to the last period of classes class. (‘Does that make sense??? Hmm…in my mind it does!!!!’ says Lily)

pica_scribit: Then your mind is stupid.

* Ron stared at his neurotic friend, visibly molested by the thought.

* The time is almost near.

pica_scribit: So it's not near yet? I'll come back later in that case.

* Well you two get to class I don’t want you to be lake.” He said walking out of the common room.

pica_scribit: He then cursed himself for almost letting slip his plans for his most glorious prank yet...

* maybe someone Polly juiced him as Potter…but why???

ajat (at her own journal): Polly put the kettle on
Polly put the kettle on
Polly juiced him as Potter
AARGH ! *Headwall*

* “I’m not sympathetic to your issues with pee pressure.”

* Candi smiled to herself (she had a thing for Russia, so much so her friends called her communism for a whole year).

ajat (at her own journal): And both Marx and Engels turned in their respective graves.

Block paragraphs of doom

* She was and is always 1 year older than Harry, so she should be a year ahead of him...but She was kept behind a year. So Harry would not be alone in the world...So he would have a friend. Sici did not know at first who her parents were, so Dumbledore put things together...Remember, Sici and Harry loved each other...Dumbledore told Sici she was Narcissa Potter, so she thought for half of first year she couldn't love Harry as a boyfriend. She then was told she wasn't related so she loved him again. She was told she was Sirius’s, they couldn't ask him about it because he was cooped up in Azkaban and every body still thought him a mass murderer. Then she was told she was a potter again, Dumbledore thought she was a Potter because when James and Lily were murdered...she was with Claire Potter and Harry Potter...and she had a scar (because she tried to protect Harry so she ended up getting some of the curse too). So they thought they were brother and sister again. In the summer between 1st and 2nd year, Sici was told she wasn't a potter. Dumbledore at that point didn't know who her parents were. Then Dumbledore sent her a letter about two weeks before school started (before the Ford Anglia incident) saying she was some how related to the Weasleys, which she didn't know whether to believe or not. But she knew she was a shape shifter which is part metamorphmagus so she thought that could have something to do with it. During the time she spent with the Weasleys., they all believed they were related... Then they went back to school and she was told on the second day there that she wasn't Sici Weasley, he was Sici Black again... At this point she started to doubt she had a family. Then towards the midpoint she was told she was Sici Potter again. By the end of 2nd year she became Sici Black again... Then in third year, Dumbledore told her who he thought her family was, and he finally had her believed mom and dad go to a muggle hospital to have their blood checked for DNA matches... They matched perfectly! She now knew who her family was... She didn't tell anyone but Claire and Hermione... In the shrieking shack, when Sirius, Lupin, Harry, Ron, Hermione, Claire, Scabbers(Pettigrew) and Sici were there, Hermione screamed out Lupin was a werewolf...and that Sici was too. That was when every one learned the truth about her monthly absence from classes, meals, etc. Only Claire and Kat knew about her werewolf secret. Then, when Scabbers was revealed as Pettigrew and Sirius and Lupin were pointing their wands at him and yelling at him, Pettigrew went to Harry and begged for mercy, Sirius pulled him away…. Well, then he went to Sici, Sirius went to pull him away from her, but he couldn't move Pettigrew. Then Lupin ran over to help and roared...

* Everyone knows that Harry Potter died in the war against Voldemort, but in sad and loving way his wife, Hermione, died right there with him. They had no children, that anyone knew of, that is. But they had had a child who was 1 year old when they died. Her name was Amber Potter, but they had to hide her because of the war.So they had Draco and Ginny Malfoy hide her from danger, but Draco promised that they would take care of her if anything bad happened. But she look nothing like him expect his eye witch are blue she was her dad height and beautiful like her mother but like her dad had jet black hair she was beautiful and good at fight against the dark art just like dad and was smart like mom she was going to Hogwart know her last name was Potter not Malfoy. She had a neck less from parents it was a velvet string in on that string was a heart with a knight on it red when nothing was wrong but when she dream horbber dream of some one died it turn black and then her scar would appear on her forehead it was a thunder bolt one like her dad. The teacher start noticed how good she they wonder if she was Harry Potter baby because they new they had a child but not her or what she look like they ask her and she lied to them and said no next day was her birthday she got a cloak from her father and a neck less that went back and time that day she went back in time when her panet fist year it was amazing to her but she had to go to go before anyone noticed she was gone. [...] See Ron was suppest to take care of her but he couldn't so Malfoy and Ginny Malfoy took care of her.

Some therapist you are!

* “I tried to kill myself,” Sirius said as if this was something everybody did.

“WHAT!?” Dr. Harrison yelled at the top of his lungs causing Sirius to flinch, “Maia didn’t tell me that! I don’t deal with suicides, you should be in an insane asylum strapped to a bed so you can’t hurt yourself…or anyone else,” he added as an after thought.

Unwanted neologisms from “Pug”

* "Seriously?" Pansy asked, her pug face growing even more puggier(is that is word?).

* There stood pug-faced Pansy Parkingson in all her...her...pugness.

Worst author’s notes

* Author Note- Harry is now Harou, and has the black Phinox Genorise sealed in him. He is four years older then Naruto three years older the Neji and his team. He will meet them later, oh and a side note Genorise is not one of the great tailed Demons because as stated earlier she doesn’t fight often so the other wrote he off boy was that ever a mistake.

* Oh-Lah Lah I lost my bra and I left my knickers in my bf’s car

* Btw-- Sheesh. People keep bugging me about my first chapter about my mispelled word; 'hurted.' you are not different from the last person who said it. And I am not changing it. So there don't need to bug me with that.

* i am finsished with earth the moolly ginny story

* I apologize for the long update. I was obducted by aliens, and, well, they attempted to eat me, but, they didn’t have a big enough stove to fit a human, (small aliens you see). So, they set me back on earth. Onward to the story.

* (at the end of a chapter:)
End Chappie

* I glared at Ashley. She was a blonde. What more could be said. (No offence to the smart blondes out there!!! You guys rock!!! Keep defeating the stereotype!!!)

arihx: When you try to make things better but don't.

* the plot and the Felicorpus Charm, as well as the explanations about "le-dit" Charm is my pure invention na chee I get to own one little thingy hihi

* Disclaimer: If I owned Harry Potter, I wouldn’t worry about going to college cause I’d be set for life. Seriously, I bet you that J.K Rowling lays in a bed of 100 pounds, or whatever the largest value of England’s money is. Sorry, I have no clue what it is…

* Everybody listen up this is NOT my own work throught and throught some belongs to wonderful J.K.Rowling ,The rest is from the hp fanfic "Too Much Time On My Hands" By neopyro which is totally awesome and is a must read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

* The Queen Bees are still Ginny, Carollynn, Candice, Madison and Ashley. Amanda (she had a very small role, appearing briefly in the last chapter) is not a queen bee, since I did make amends with the girl I had originally based her off of.

* I don't like to beta stories because I don't make any money off of this so why bother. I do spell check and try to keep the ideas I put forth consistant. Please feel free to read and review and butcher this to you are content. Just keep in mind that any blatant flames I am just going to ignore but if it makes you feel better go right ahead and spout shit.

* And what’s a beta reader? Haha, I’m curious. Lol.

* Hermione detected an American accent within Helena’s voice (Yes, apparently American do have accents)

* next chapter has a funny line in it!

cybeleadam: Only one? How disappointing! This one had plenty.

* Angel belongs to my friend Leanne, may the sock demons rule forever!

* Couple of notes. First, Vinoc and Karoc beat Master Araphis because they had the advantage of number's and surprise. Harry and co won because they outnumbered the Dark Jedi, and they were prepared for battle.

Ron had been training for the best part of an hour, and was a quick learner of the skill's of a lightsabre. Add to that the fact that Castor was helping him, and Karoc had no chance. And if it seems like quick work, than remember Luke was blocking strikes from a probe hours into his training, and relax. I claim artistic licence, anyway.

* The italicized words are directly from Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone, I did not write them. Only J.K. Rowling has the ability to write such great words.

eir_de_scania: Not to mention spell "sorcerer".

* Disclaimer- don’t own except my twisted parallel universe and of course… HEY! Give me back my pen! God dammit! Nikki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Arghhhhh!!!!!!! Like I said DO NOT OWN!

(from an anti-abortion poem in an author’s profile:)
Month one
I am only 8 inches long
but I have all my organs.
I love the sound of your voice.
Every time I hear it
I wave my arms and legs.
The sound of your heart beat
is my favorite lullaby.

plaid_slytherin: Is it bad that the abortion poem made me laugh harder than the bits of fic?

* 'I own Harry Potter and all related titles for my name is J.K. Rowling! Muhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!’ Extremely large men in black suits come near holding a stun gun and a straight jacket. (Yes I’m that crazy) I say, ’you’ll never take me coppers! Muhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!’ One says,’ we’re not afraid of hurting you,’ in a deep intimidating voice. I say, 'you’ll never catch me fools! Muhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!’ and I run off down the street and they take off after me. I run into an alley and they follow. It was a dead end. ‘All right I don’t own Harry Potter or any related titles!’ I cry and begin weeping, ’for my name is not J.K. Rowling!’ Hahahahaha! That was funny I like my sense of humor!

* A/N: I got a headache writing this chapter. There is too much italics.


* ”I could beat your ass so hard you’d be crying for mercy! At any game!” Sirius told her, his voice low. (A/N: did anybody get that double meaning in the first sentence?)

* PEOPLE OF FANFICTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for reading this chapter!

arihx: Whoa, äh, no problem...

* OMG this is the best chapter ever LOL!!
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